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Anna's workshops and trainings:


  • "This training was a complete paradigm shift for me. I am excited about the information and finding ways to use it in practice. " (St Louis 20 hour training participant)

  • “Anna was a FANTASTIC trainer. She is animated, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable (I've had 8hr trainings that felt longer than this 20hr TSY one). Her way of explaining concepts was thorough yet concise. Her demonstrations of TSY were most helpful in understanding the language/applicability of TSY. I would definitely recommend trainings by Anna to others.” (Cincinnati 20 hour training participant)

  • “Anna is engaging, kind, and presents material in a professional, respectful, and clear manner.” (Cincinnati 20 hour training participant)

  • “I think Anna is a wonderful teacher. She is knowledgeable and has humility. She genuinely wants to keep learning and it shows. Her enthusiasm and reverence for this material is contagious.” (St. Louis 20 hour training participant)

  • We invited Anna Kharaz to Wheaton College to lead a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop and it was a huge success! The session was truly enlightening for students as we learned more about how trauma affects our body and how we can heal from it. We hope to invite Anna back again soon! (Wheaton College - SMART program)

  • “In April 2017 Anna Kharaz hosted a workshop for us here at the Satyam Yoga Centre in Cambridge, England, on 'Trauma, the Body and Yoga'. Her presentation was professional, clear and engaging. She led us through an interesting powerpoint presentation on the neurobiology of how trauma affects the body and the ways in which we as yoga professionals can structure and guide our classes in trauma-informed ways. There was also some experiential work so the session felt well-rounded. Anna is clearly very passionate about this work and all of the practitioners who attended got in touch to tell us how much they enjoyed the workshop. We would love to host Anna here again in the future and really look forward to working with her again. As a participant I felt like Anna created a safe space within which to explore and discuss this potentially difficult subject of trauma. The overall focus of trauma-sensitive yoga very much compliments my own style of yoga teaching and yet there were still many issues for me to reflect on and to take into my teaching.” (Satyam Yoga Centre Cambridge, UK participant)

Anna's consulting work:

“I met Anna through her work as a teacher in the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Program (TCTSY). I had developed a Healing Workshop for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, and was looking for a “Trauma Recovery Expert” to help me assess and improve upon the Program. Anna came to me highly recommended by a TCTSY student I knew. 

Everything about my work with Anna surpassed my hopes and expectations. She was deeply grounded in the science and latest research around trauma recovery, and deeply dedicated to its application, which is still evolving. Through my work I had learned that there are large gaps between the trauma recovery science/research and its effective application to healing. But this was something Anna knew as well, which made our collaboration extremely effective and productive.

As much as I was impressed by Anna’s knowledge and dedication to healing, I was equally if not more impressed by her kindness and her heart. Anna has a light that shines brightly as she looks for the light in others. I don’t believe you can truly help others heal unless you have found that healing light within yourself. Because of these qualities of the mind and heart and her dedication to helping others, I would strongly recommend Anna for anyone seeking help, either personally or professionally, in the field of trauma recovery specifically or behavioral health in general.”  (Nonprofit director)

Anna's yoga classes:

  •  “This program was amazing and helped my mental state more than I could explain. Anna is amazing, kind, understanding, and the most grounding person I have ever met. I always felt welcome and wanted, for the first time in my life i felt like I belong somewhere. Everyone who has anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, stress, or any other concerning feelings should be encouraged to take this class.” (TCTSY class participant)